Business Calendar 2017 - Business Calendar

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1. Last Trading Day and Delivery Day

2017 Rubber Precious Metals Gold Mini, Platinum Mini 
Last Trading Day Delivery Day Last Trading Day Delivery Day Last Trading Day for Gold Options
[contract month]
Last Trading Day Final Settlement Day
January 25(Wed) 31(Tue) - - - - -
February 22(Wed) 28(Tue) 23(Thu) 28(Tue) 22(Wed) 22(Wed) 23(Thu)
March 27(Mon) 31(Fri) - - - - -
April 24(Mon) 28(Fri) 25(Tue) 28(Fri) 24(Mon) 24(Mon) 25(Tue)
May 25(Thu) 31(Wed) - - - - -
June 26(Mon) 30(Fri) 27(Tue) 30(Fri) 26(Mon) 26(Mon) 27(Tue)
July 25(Tue) 31(Mon) - - - - -
August 25(Fri) 31(Thu) 28(Mon) 31(Thu) 25(Fri) 25(Fri) 28(Mon)
September 25(Mon) 29(Fri) - - - - -
October 25(Wed) 31(Tue) 26(Thu) 31(Tue) 25(Wed) 25(Wed) 26(Thu)
November 24(Fri) 30(Thu) - - - - -
December 22(Fri) 28(Thu) 25(Mon) 28(Thu) 22(Fri) 22(Fri) 25(Mon)
2017 Gasoline, Kerosene, Gas Oil,
Chukyo-Gasoline and Chukyo-Kerosene
Crude Oil
Last Trading Day
[Contract Month]
Delivery Day
[Contract Month]
Last Trading Day
[Contract Month] 
Final Settlement Day
[Contract Month]
January 25(Wed)[FEB] 1(Sun) -31(Tue)[JAN] 31(Tue)[JAN] 4(Wed)[DEC]
February 24(Fri)[MAR] 1(Wed) -28(Tue)[FEB] 28(Tue)[FEB] 1(Wed)[JAN]
March 24(Fri)[APR] 1(Wed) - 31(Fri)[MAR] 31(Fri)[MAR] 1(Wed)[FEB]
April 25(Tue)[MAY] 1(Sat) - 30(Sun)[APR] 28(Fri)[APR] 3(Mon)[MAR]
May 25(Thu)[JUN] 1(Mon) -31(Wed)[MAY] 31(Wed)[MAY] 1(Mon)[APR]
June 23(Fri)[JUL] 1(Thu) -30(Fri)[JUN] 30(Fri)[JUN] 1(Thu)[MAY]
July 25(Tue)[AUG] 1(Sat) - 31(Mon)[JUL] 31(Mon)[JUL] 3(Mon)[JUN]
August 25(Fri)[SEP] 1(Tue) - 31(Thu)[AUG] 31(Thu)[AUG] 1(Tue)[JUL]
September 25(Mon)[OCT] 1(Fri) - 30(Sat)[SEP] 29(Fri)[SEP] 1(Fri)[AUG]
October 25(Wed)[NOV] 1(Sun) - 31(Tue)[OCT] 31(Tue)[OCT] 2(Mon)[SEP]
November 24(Fri)[DEC] 1(Wed) - 30(Thu)[NOV] 30(Thu)[NOV] 1(Wed)[OCT]
December 25(Mon)[JAN] 1(Fri) -31(Sun)[DEC] 29(Fri)[DEC] 1(Fri)[NOV]
2017 Soybean Azuki (Red Bean)
Last Trading Day Delivery Day
[Contract Month]
Last Trading Day Delivery Day
January - 26(Thu) 30(Mon)
February 15(Wed) 20(Mon)~28(Tue) 23(Thu) 27(Mon)
March - 28(Tue) 30(Thu)
April 14(Fri) 19(Wed)~28(Fri) 25(Tue) 27(Thu)
May - 26(Fri) 30(Tue)
June 15(Thu) 20(Tue)~30(Fri) 27(Tue) 29(Thu)
July - 26(Wed) 28(Fri)
August 15(Tue) 18(Fri)~31(Thu) 28(Mon) 30(Wed)
September - 26(Tue) 28(Thu)
October 13(Fri) 18(Wed)~31(Tue) 26(Thu) 30(Mon)
November - 27(Mon) 29(Wed)
December 15(Fri) 20(Wed)~26(Thu) 20(Wed) 22(Fri)
2017 Corn
Last Trading Day
[Contract Month]
Delivery Day
[Contract Month]
January - 4(Wed)~31(Tue)[JAN]
February 15(Wed)[MAR]
March - 1(Wed)~31(Fri)[MAR]
April 14(Fri)[MAY]
May - 1(Mon)~31(Wed)[MAY]
June 15(Thu)[JUL]
July - 3(Mon)~31(Mon)[JUL]
August 15(Tue)[SEP]
September - 1(Fri)~29(Fri)[SEP]
October 13(Fri)[NOV]
November - 1(Wed)~30(Thu)[NOV]
December 15(Fri)[JAN]

2. Holidays

TOCOM will close its market on every Saturday, Sunday and the following days.

January [1 (Sun)] New Year's Day
2 (Mon) TOCOM Designated Holiday
3 (Tue) TOCOM Designated Holiday
9(Mon) Coming of Age Day
February [11 (Sat)] National Foundation Day
March 20 (Mon) Vernal Equinox Day
April [29 (Sat)] Showa Day
May 3 (Wed) Constitution Memorial Day
4 (Thu) Greenery Day
5 (Fri) Children's Day
July 17 (Mon) Ocean Day
September 18 (Mon) Respect for the Aged Day
[23 (Sat)] Autumnal Equinox Day
October 9 (Mon) Health and Sports Day
November 3 (Fri) National Culture Day
23 (Thu) Labor Thanksgiving Day
December [23 (Sat)] The Emperor's Birthday
[31 (Sun)] TOCOM Designated Holiday