Raw Sugar (Suspended January 30, 2015) - Grading Table

Standard Grade Country of Origin Price Differentials
Raw Centrifugal Cane Sugar with a Polarization of 96 degrees Cuba At contract price
Costa Rica At contract price
Thailand At contract price
Philippines At contract price
Australia At contract price
Republic of South Africa At contract price
Brazil At contract price
Fiji At contract price


Crop Year

Type Country of Origin Polarization Basis
Northern Hemisphere Cuba Between October and
September of following year
Costa Rica
Southern Hemisphere Australia Between April and March
of following year
Republic of South Africa


Polarization Allowances

Actual Degrees of Polarization Allowances
Above 96 degrees and including 97 degrees Add 1.50% of the Standard Price
Above 97 degrees and including 98 degrees Add an additional 1.25% of the Standard Price
Above 98 degrees Add further additional 1.00% of the Standard Price
Below 96 degrees and including 95 degrees Deduct 1.60% of the Standard Price
Below 95 degrees and including 94 degrees Deduct an additional 2.00% of the Standard Price
Fractions of a degree shall be calculated in the same proportions.



  1. Good delivery materials shall satisfy the following requirements.
    (1)Was produced in the year that the month the sugar was loaded on the vessel falls in (referred to as the production year for the producing country; hereinafter the same). However, if the month the sugar is loaded on the vessel falls within six months of the start of the production year, sugar produced in the previous production year may also be provided for delivery
    (2)Raw centrifugal cane sugar produced overseas that was carried on a vessel that other types of sugar were not loaded. However, this shall not apply if the seller takes steps so that the delivery units are not contaminated, an agreement signed by all parties related to the delivery using the vessel that states the exception was agreed to is submitted to the Exchange, and the Exchange approves