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Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. distributes a free electronic newsletter, including the Exchange's objectives and new releases on its website to registered mail addresses. If you would like to subscribe, please register your E-mail address by following the instructions below.


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    - Please read and understand TOCOM's Privacy Policy on our handling of private information.
    - TOCOM will not re-send the newsletter when network problems at the recipient's end occur due to network problems such as delay and disappearance.
    - After the notification on the website, this service may be stopped or cancelled at the Exchange's discretion.
    - TOCOM will not be responsible for any inconvenience, which may occur from the use, suspension, delay or termination of the service.
    - TOCOM will stop distributing the newsletter to a registered E-mail address in case where delivery failures occur 3 times in a row.
    - For comments or inquiries, please use our Contact Form available on our website at the following address:
    This service is not available for cellular phones mail addresses, including portable terminals.
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Change of Address

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