Price Limit and Extraordinary Margins for Silver (effective from April 26)


In accordance with the decisions taken by the Precious Metals Market Management Committee held on April 25, 2006, the following Price Limit and Extraordinary Margin will be imposed:

1. Price Limit: JPY18.0

FROM APRIL 26 TO APRIL 28, a Price Limit of JPY18.0 will be imposed on all contracts (including April 2007 contract which will be generated on April 26, 2006), notwithstanding the provision of Item (2) “Expansion of Daily Price Fluctuation Limits” of Article 2 of the Regulations Governing Management of Precious Metals Market.

2. Extraordinary Trading Margin

In order to draw attention to the increase in volatility risk to the market participants, the Extraordinary Trading Margin indicated below will be imposed on new trades for all contract months in the silver market FROM APRIL 26 TO APRIL 28.


Contract Month


Extraordinary Trading Margin / lot (Proprietary, General Customer, Member Customer)



New trade

JPY 54,000