About the TOCOM Index


The Tokyo Commodity Exchange has started to publish on July 24th the TOCOM Index. The objectives of this index are first, to create a benchmark to measure the performance of investment trusts, commodity funds and the like, and second, to help commercial players manage their comprehensive hedging strategies by providing a reliable indicator. The TOCOM Index is composed of TOCOM’s listed 9 commodities, but excludes options, and is also based on the relative sizes of the spot and futures markets to determine the weight percentage of each component. The index base date is May 31, 2002 and the base value, which reconciles the settlement prices on that day, is set at 100. The contract months covered by the index are the 5th or 6th contract months, where most trades occur at TOCOM. For this index to benefit not only the commodity industry, but also investment trusts, pension funds and many other investors, TOCOM will concentrate on the promotion of the TOCOM Index.

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