Extraordinary Meeting of Market Management Committee on Precious Metals


At the extraordinary meeting of the Market Management Committee on Precious Metals held on 13 February it was decided that “in case an event, such as large changes in market trends, was to occur in the future, the Market Management Committee will hold an extraordinary meeting and implement flexible measures.” (click here for the full text)

With regards to the TOCOM Platinum market, considering that the final contract prices for all contract months (excluding contract months with no applicable price limit) have reached the price limit in the same direction for two consecutive business days, on 14 and 15 February, and the price limit was also reached temporarily on 18 February, since volatility has sharply increased in comparison to last week, the Committee has decided to impose Extraordinary Clearing Margin deposits for Platinum to face this rise in market risk.

Please click here for the amount of Extraordinary Clearing Margin.