TOCOM to Add New Sub Indexes


In addition to the TOCOM Index, which is based on the prices of the most liquid contract month (i.e: the fifth or sixth contract month), and the TOCOM Sub Index, which is based on the prices of the nearby contract month (i.e: the first or second contract month), published since July 2006, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) will start to publish the below Sub Indexes by single commodity and by market sector on June 2nd, 2008:

  1. Series of Sub Indexes
    1. Sub Indexes to be added:
      • TOCOM Precious Metals Index
      • TOCOM Oil Index
      • TOCOM Gold Index
      • TOCOM Silver Index
      • TOCOM Platinum Index
      • TOCOM Palladium Index
      • TOCOM Aluminum Index
      • TOCOM Gasoline Index
      • TOCOM Kerosene Index
      • TOCOM Crude Oil Index
      • TOCOM Rubber Index
      *TOCOM will rename the current “TOCOM Sub Index” to “TOCOM Nearby Month Index” and the name “TOCOM Sub Indexes” will indicate the collective term for “TOCOM Nearby Month Index” and the above 11 indexes altogether.
    2. Components
      • TOCOM Precious Metals Index: Precious Metals (Gold + Silver + Platinum + Palladium)
      • TOCOM Oil Index: Oil (Gasoline + Kerosene + Crude Oil (+ Gas Oil))
      • TOCOM Gold Index: Gold
      • TOCOM Silver Index: Silver
      • TOCOM Platinum Index: Platinum
      • TOCOM Palladium Index: Palladium
      • TOCOM Aluminum Index: Aluminum
      • TOCOM Gasoline Index: Gasoline
      • TOCOM Kerosene Index: Kerosene
      • TOCOM Crude Oil Index: Crude Oil
      • TOCOM Rubber Index: Rubber
    3. Calculation Method
      TOCOM Sub Indexes will be calculated pursuant to the calculation method for the TOCOM Index, etc.
  2. Publication Method
    The indexes will be published on the TOCOM website once a day (based on the settlement prices).
  3. Starting Date for Publication
    June 2, 2008

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