Series of Event on Trading System Technical Problem Occurred on May 12


Tokyo Commodity Exchange Inc. (TOCOM or “the Exchange”) reported that its new trading system launched on May 7, 2009 experienced a technical problem from around 10:30 on Tuesday, May 12. TOCOM expresses its deepest apologies for the inconveniences the problem may have caused to market participants and other parties concerned.

The below describes when and how the problem took place, the result of the Exchange’s investigation of the problem, and how TOCOM will prevent further problems.

1. Chronological report on the technical problem

Thereafter the settlement price for the day session was determined normally, and the night session started at 17:00 as usual.

2. Cause of the problem

As reported above, it has become clear that the high-load (over 99%) of the routers at the data center was the cause of the connectivity failure between the Member systems and the Exchange system. However, we have not been able to identify what primarily caused the router to be loaded to such a high level.

Through our analysis, the Exchange has confirmed that the technical problem was limited to one of the two sets of routers at the data center. The two sets of routers were set in duplicate to distribute the load. Connectivity failure was also limited to some Member systems.

The Exchange has also verified that, should the same type of event happen again, connectivity failure can be resolved by rebooting or switching the router at the Exchange’s data center without suspending the trading session.

3. Preventive measures

As described above, it has been confirmed that the same kind of technical problem can be resolved without suspending the trading session. Therefore the Exchange has started today’s (May 13) session with the following measures in place:

In such a case, the switch of line might happen depending of the connectivity status. However, the Member systems will not detected the switch as a “technical problem” for all the network line is set up to be redundant and duplicated.

The Exchange will replace the defective router with new equipment in order to prevent further problems in the evening of May 13 (There are two sets of routers, or in total four routers, at the TOCOM data center).

The Exchange continues to investigate the primary cause of the problem and will make an announcement as soon as it is identified.

Once again, Tokyo Commodity Exchange apologizes for any inconvenience the technical problem of May 12 may have caused to market participants and other concerned parties.