Updated Report on the Suspended Trading Session on May 12



Tokyo Commodity Exchange Inc. (TOCOM or “the Exchange”) suspended the session for all products from around 10:30 to 11:35 Tuesday, May 12 for a technical problem. TOCOM expresses its deepest apologies for the inconveniences the problem may have caused to market participants and other parties concerned.

The below describes the Exchange’s response to the incident and updated information about the trading system’s operation.

1. Cause of the problem

As was reported on May 13, the cause of the connectivity failure between the Member systems and the Exchange system was the high-load (over 99%) of one of the two sets of routers (active and standby routers) at the data center. Based on the analysis that followed, it has become clear that the standby router was operating almost at full load capacity and caused the connectivity failure.

This defective router was replaced with new equipment on May 14 after the night session closed at 23:00, and is currently being analyzed at the manufacturer’s laboratory to determine the cause of the malfunction.


TOCOM will receive the analysis report through NTT Data, system integrator for the Exchange’s new trading system, once it’sready.

2. Monitoring of the network facilities

Since the day session resumed on May 12, TOCOM has been monitoring the load status of the router CPUs at the Exchange’s data center every 5 minutes. The Exchange replaced the defective router with new equipment in order to prevent further problems in the evening of May 14. The new equipment has consistent normal load levels (around 5%) and is operating without a problem.

As announced in the press release at May 13, the Exchange will continue to strictly monitor the load status of the routers at the data center, and if the same problem occurs, the Exchange will reboot the affected router after having notified the Members and other concerned parties.


In addition to the above, the Exchange installed automatic load monitoring system for the router CPUs on May 16, in order to prevent human errors.

Also, the Exchange has learned that the network line provider carried out construction work on the active line from 2:00am until 4:00am on May 12. To be on the safe side, the Exchange conducted a test after the night session of May 13 and on Saturday, May 16, and confirmed that the problem did not reoccur.

The Exchange continues to investigate the primary cause of the problem of the router and will make an announcement as soon as it is identified.

Once again, Tokyo Commodity Exchange deeply apologizes for any inconvenience the technical problem of May 12 may have caused to market participants and other concerned parties.