Nikkei-TOCOM Sub Commodity Index for the trade date of April 2, 2010


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Index Value
Nikkei-TOCOM Nearby Month Commodity Index 314.04
Nikkei-TOCOM Precious Metals Index 248.62
Nikkei-TOCOM Oil Index 238.49
Nikkei-TOCOM Gold Index 251.61
Nikkei-TOCOM Silver Index 297.04
Nikkei-TOCOM Platinum Index 303.08
Nikkei-TOCOM Palladium Index 98.95
Nikkei-TOCOM Aluminum Index -
Nikkei-TOCOM Gasoline Index 196.97
Nikkei-TOCOM Kerosene Index 210.70
Nikkei-TOCOM Crude Oil Index 322.28
Nikkei-TOCOM Rubber Index 173.58