TOCOM to Extend Trading Hours on September 21, 2010



Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. (“TOCOM” or the “Exchange”) today announced that the Exchange has decided to change the closing time of its night session from 23:00 JST to 4:00 JST (following day) as of September 21, 2010. The Exchange has applied to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for authorization of the necessary alterations to its Market Rules defining trading hours, and will implement the changes upon receiving the approval.

From September 21, 2010 onwards, TOCOM’s day session will commence at 9:00 JST and close at 15:30 JST, followed by the night session starting at 17:00 JST and closing at 4:00 JST on the following day. However, trading hours for the night session of the rubber market will remain unchanged, from 17:00 JST until 19:00 JST.  

TOCOM’s listed products are internationally traded commodities and their prices fluctuate while TOCOM’s market is closed. Therefore, by keeping its market open longer, the Exchange aims to offer more trading opportunities to market participants, which will improve the overall convenience of the market.