Japan's Commodity Exchanges to Jointly Teach University Students



Tokyo Commodity Exchange Inc., Tokyo Grain Exchange Inc. and Kansai Commodities Exchange announced today that the three commodities exchanges of Japan will jointly provide a series of lectures on commodity and derivatives trading at six universities around the country in the school year starting in April, 2011. This is a part of a joint effort to promote the understanding of commodity trading through education.

The objectives of the program are to offer undergraduate students a fundamental knowledge of commodity futures trading as well as an opportunity to start developing an understanding of personal finance. The program will consist of lectures on the basic structure of commodity futures and other derivatives trading, an outline of soft and hard commodity markets, asset management and risk management.

Lecturers will be given by the academics that have expert knowledge of commodity futures market and the experienced officials of the commodity exchanges in Japan, in order to let the program well-balanced with theoretical and practical basis.   

Outline of the Japan's Commodity Exchanges Lecture Program

Program Title: Theory of Modern Commodity Markets

Participating Universities:

[First semester] --Rissho University (Faculty of Economics), Meiji Gakuin University (Faculty of Economics), Tokyo Keizai University (Faculty of Business Administration)

[Second semester] --Nagoya University (School of Economics), Kobe University (Faculty of Economics), Kwansei Gakuin University (School of Economics)