TOCOM Announces Fiscal 2011 Business Plan



Tokyo Commodity Exchange (“TOCOM” or the “Exchange”) has announced today its Fiscal 2011 (April, 2011-March, 2012) Business Plan based on its new Midterm Management Plan (fiscal 2011-2013). An overview of the new Business Plan is provided below.

I. Management Policies

In fiscal 2011, emphasis will be placed on increasing the number and diversity of TOCOM market participants, particularly overseas and retail investors. The Exchange intends to achieve this by: 1) attracting new market intermediaries (i.e., brokers); 2) strengthening cooperation with existing Broker Members; and 3) developing new investment products for retail investors. With these initiatives, TOCOM aims to put trading volume on a firm growth trend.

In addition, we will pursue further cost reductions to lower the breakeven point (in terms of trading volume) and bring our operations into profitability (at the ordinary income level on a consolidated basis).

II. Business Strategy
  1. Market participants

    (1) Attracting new market intermediaries

  1. Listed commodities

    (1) Developing new investment products

  1. Market Design

    (1) I mproving trading convenience

  1. Business bases

    (1) Develop alliances with domestic and overseas exchanges

  1. Improve industry-wide image

    (1) Improving image for commodity futures market

III. Quantitative Targets

  1. Trading volume (Average trading volume per day)
  1. Profitability