TOCOM to Jointly Host a Charity Seminar for Disaster-Relief on November 26 in Tokyo


-- Celebrated financial specialists such as Jim Rodgers and Kenji Fujimaki are scheduled to deliver speeches  --

Tokyo Commodity Exchange will join forces with Tokyo Grain Exchange, Kansai Commodities Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange and Financial Exchange to host a charity event on November 26 in Tokyo. Presentations will be made by renowned financial and commodity experts such as Jim Rodgers, Kenji Fujimaki, Michiko Kawai and Makiko Hanawa. The event will support disaster-relief efforts for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March of this year.

Tadashi Ezaki, President and CEO of TOCOM comments: “This event will offer Japanese retail investors with an excellent opportunity to obtain broad-based knowledge and information covering multiple asset classes. For us, as a commodity exchange, we expect this be a good stage to promote commodity futures among the broader investment community and build closer communications between market players and investors."

Funds provided by event sponsors and event attendants will be donated to the Japan Red Cross in support of disaster relief efforts for the victims of the March 11 Earthquake and Tsunami.

   ┬ŽNihon wo Genki-ni! Nippon SAIKOH 2011
(Power to Japan! Reconstruct Great Nippon) (tentative translation)

** Please note: Presentations will be in Japanese (translation will not be provided)