TOCOM Gold New All-Time High Pushed Up Volume



The Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc, announced that its December 2013 Gold futures contract (back contract month) temporarily reached 4,820 yen per gram during today’s session. This is the highest price seen since the listing of gold futures contract at TOCOM on March 23, 1982 going beyond the all-time high recorded on September 7, 2011. The advancement of gold price pushed up trading volume Gold futures (standard) 106,345 contracts (including 77,597 contracts traded for December 2013 contract) and the entire TOCOM market to 198,660 contracts, which comes close to the most recent record level of daily high volume (Gold standard: 110,271, All-TOCOM: 198, 878) marked on December 15, 2011.

1. Quotes for Gold Futures (Standard) on January 11, 2013 (Yen per gram)

Contract Month Last Settlement Price Open High Low Close Settlement Price
December 2013 4,715 4,723 4,820 4,717 4,793 4,795

2. TOCOM Gold Futures Price Jan 2000- today (Back contract month, Settlement price/yen per gram)