TOCOM Crude Oil Rose to 70,170 Yen per Kiloliter - 5 Year High


The May 2014 Crude Oil futures contract (most active/back contract month) temporarily marked 70,170 yen per kiloliter during today’s session. It is the highest since September 9, 2008 (5 years and 3 months). The type of crude oil traded on TOCOM is the Middle East crude oil whose benchmark is the average value of Dubai and Oman.

1. Quotes for TOCOM Crude Oil Futures on December 24, 2013 (Yen per kiloliter)

Contract Month

Last Settlement Price

Open High Low Close Settlement Price
May 2014 68,910 69,020 70,170 69,010 69,940 69,940


2. TOCOM Crude Oil Futures Price for July 2, 2012 to April 8, 2013 (Settlement price of the Back contract month:yen per kiloliter)