Appointment of the Committee Members



The Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc, announced that the Board of Directors appointed new members to fill the vacancies in the Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Self-regulatory Committee at the meeting today.

The complete list of members of the four Committees is as follows:

Nominating Committee

Chairman:                      Toshihiko Fukui
Members:                       Kazuhito Ikeo,
                                         Tadashi Ezaki

Audit Committee

Chairman:                      Fumio Arai (New)
Members:                      Toshitsugu Shimizu
                                         Katsuaki Futaya (New)

Compensation Committee

Chairman:                      Toshihiki Fukui
Members:                       Kazuhito Ikeo (New)          
                                         Tadashi Ezaki

Self-regulatory Committee

Chairman:                      Fumio Arai
Members:                       Kazuhito Ikeo
                                         Toshitsugu Shimizu (New)