TOCOM Announces Trade Participation Survey Results



The Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. announced today the results of its annual trade participation survey. The survey details market participant activity, by attribute, for September 2014. The results show that proprietary trading firm trading (combined sell & buy orders) accounted for the largest proportion of the month’s volume at 33.2 percent. This is followed by retail investors at 30.0 percent and commercial participants at 12.3 percent.

At TOCOM, proprietary trading firms and retail investors provide liquidity and constitute a large proportion of the volume for most listed commodities. The Rubber market has a high percentage of global market participants, with more than 60% of the total trades submitted through overseas futures commission merchants and intermediaries.                                                             

At the end of September 2014, the largest proportion of open interest was held by retail investors, at 45.5 percent, followed by commercial participants at 26.8 percent and proprietary trading firms at 5.3 percent. According to these findings, retail investors on the TOCOM market tend to hold their positions for a relatively long period of time. The same tendency is seen with commercial participants.

TOCOM market participants are a diverse set of investors. Overseas investors have been active, reaching 44 percent of monthly volume in September 2014. This has been achieved by the Exchange’s committed efforts to promote its market to diversified group of market participants.

For more details of the survey results, please refer here.