Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index - Data Format

The TOCOM Index changed its name to the “Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index” as of the April 1, 2009 calculation. Therefore, indexes calculated until March 31, 2009 are classified as the TOCOM Commodity Index, and indexes calculated on and after April 1, 2009, are classified as the Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index.

The new Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index retains continuity from the previous TOCOM Index.

Historical data for the Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Index and the Nikkei-TOCOM Inverse Index are available from December 30, 2009.

Data format

CSV format.


Data is updated on the third business day of every month.

Nikkei-TOCOM Comodity Index

File name: Index_yyyymm.csv

Item Description
A Date
B Index

Nikkei-TOCOM Sub Commodity Index

File name:

Index Name File Name
Nikkei-TOCOM Nearby Month Commodity Index Nearby_Month_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Industrial Commodity Index Industrial_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Precious Metals Index Precious_Metal_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Oil Index Oil_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Agricultural Product & Sugar Index Agricultural_and_Sugar_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Gold Index Gold_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Silver Index Silver_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Platinum Index Platinum_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Palladium Index Palladium_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Aluminum Index Aluminum_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Gasoline Index Gasoline_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Kerosene Index Kerosene_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Crude Oil Index Crude_Oil_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Rubber Index Rubber_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Soybean Index Soybean_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Azuki Index Azuki_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Corn Index Corn_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Raw Sugar Index Raw_Sugar_Index_yyyymm.csv
Item Description
A Date
B Index

Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Index, Nikkei-TOCOM Inverse Index

File name:

Leveraged Index Inverse Index
Index Name File Name Index Name File Name
Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Commodity Index l_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Inverse Commodity Index i_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Nearby Month Commodity Leveraged Index l_Nearby_Month_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Nearby Month Commodity Inverse Index i_Nearby_Month_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Industrial Commodity Leveraged Index l_Industrial_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Industrial Commodity Inverse Index i_Industrial_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Precious Metals Leveraged Index l_Precious_Metal_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Precious Metals Inverse Index i_Precious_Metal_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Oil Leveraged Index l_Oil_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Oil Inverse Index i_Oil_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Agricultural Product & Sugar Leveraged Index l_Agricultural_and_Sugar_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Agricultural Product & Sugar Inverse Index i_Agricultural_and_Sugar_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Gold Leveraged Index l_Gold_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Gold Inverse Index i_Gold_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Silver Leveraged Index l_Silver_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Silver Inverse Index i_Silver_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Platinum Leveraged Index l_Platinum_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Platinum Inverse Index i_Platinum_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Palladium Leveraged Index l_Palladium_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Palladium Inverse Index i_Palladium_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Gasoline Leveraged Index l_Gasoline_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Gasoline Inverse Index i_Gasoline_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Kerosene Leveraged Index l_Kerosene_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Kerosene Inverse Index i_Kerosene_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Crude Oil Leveraged Index l_Crude_Oil_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Crude Oil Inverse Index i_Crude_Oil_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Rubber Leveraged Index l_Rubber_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Rubber Inverse Index i_Rubber_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Soybean Leveraged Index l_Soybean_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Soybean Inverse Index i_Soybean_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Azuki Leveraged Index l_Azuki_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Azuki Inverse Index i_Azuki_Index_yyyymm.csv
Nikkei-TOCOM Corn Leveraged Index l_Corn_Index_yyyymm.csv Nikkei-TOCOM Corn Inverse Index i_Corn_Index_yyyymm.csv
Item Description
A Date
B Index


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