Ordering the Fee-charged Market Data Service

Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) offers its market data for a fee to the public. In order to purchase such data, please fill in the prescribed Fee-Charged Market Data Order Form and submit it according to the following procedure, in which you also agree to abide by the usage regulations described below. The selected market data can also be downloaded from this website free of charge.

1. Data Description

  Period Data Items
Tick Data

Price data for listed products starting January 2003.
Precious metal : Data until July 22, 2020
Rubber : Data from January 2005 to July 22, 2020
Agricultural : Data from February 12, 2013 to July 22, 2020

Date, type of transaction, product, contract month, strike price, execution time, execution price, trading volume.
Open Interest by Categories

Open interest (daily and weekly) for listed products starting May 2009, except options.
Precious metal : Data until July 22, 2020
Rubber : Data from January 2005 to July 22, 2020
Agricultural : Data from February 12, 2013 to July 22, 2020

Date, type of transaction, product, open interest by categories (short / long), settlement price (for weekly open interest only)
Items recorded in the CSV file are different between until August 2016 and after September 2016. Please refer to "Sample Data" for details.

Sample Data: ZIP compressed file including sample data in CSV format and the commentary in PDF.

2. Distribution

  1. Requested data of any given year is recorded in CSV format on a CD-R and sent by mail.
  2. Required time for distribution
    Within Japan: Approximately 1 week after confirmation of payment
    Outside of Japan: Approximately 2 weeks after confirmation of payment

3. Price (Tax included)

Price for the market data service is defined as the sum of the price for Data CD and the delivery charge as specified below.

【Price of the Data CD】

  1. Historical Data Service (Data before the month in which purchasing application is made)
    (Annual rate)
      Private Use
    (TOCOM member)
    Private Use
    Supply to the third parties
    Tick Data 55,000 yen 77,000 yen 275,000 yen
    Open Interest by Categories 33,000 yen 49,500 yen 165,000 yen
    • Purchasing Unit:  Historical Data for the consecutive 12 months
    • Data Period:  Any consecutive 12 months at purchaser’s choice before the month in which purchasing application is made (“the purchasing month”)  (See PRICING EXAMPLE CASE 1)
    • Full price is charged regardless of the period of which data is requested. For example, purchasers requesting the data for the last 7 months shall be charged full price without the supply of the data for the forthcoming 5 months. (See PRICING EXAMPLE CASE 2)
    • Volume discount shall be applied to the purchase of the tick data for multiple years.
      2 years: 15% discount             3 years or more: 20% discount
    • To non-profit organizations such as an educational corporation, TOCOM member rate is applied.
  2. Tick Data Update Service (Data for 12 month period in future including or excluding the purchasing month)
    (Annual rate)
      Private Use
    (TOCOM member )
    Private Use
    Supply to the third parties
    Updating Frequency
    (=Times of  deliveries)
    (12 times /year)
    115,500 yen 137,500 yen 335,500 yen
    (4 times/year)
    68,200 yen 90,200 yen 288,200 yen
    (2 times/ year)
    58,300 yen 80,300 yen 278,300 yen
    • Purchasing Unit: The data for any consecutive 12 months in future at purchaser’s choice as of purchasing day.
    • Updating frequency can be selected from the above table.
    • Separate application is required for the purchase of the data exceeding 12 months.
    • The Data CD is shipped around the 10th day of the month following the last month within each updating frequency. (See PRICING EXAMPLE CASE 3)

【Delivery Charge】


4. Purchasing Instructions

Please follow the procedure specified below.

  1. The purchaser must agree to abide by the Usage Regulations described below.
  2. Please apply to the address (md@jpx.co.jp) by email.
  3. An invoice will be sent from TOCOM to the billing address described in the order form.
  4. Please confirm the amount, and tele-transfer to the specified bank account.
  5. After confirming the payment, the CD will be sent to the address listed on the order form.

5. Usage Regulations

All persons who purchase or use TOCOM's fee-charged Market Data CD (hereinafter referred to as "the Data") agree to abide by the following regulations.

  1. TOCOM maintains the right to refuse to provide the Data to anyone who uses it for a purpose that is deemed not appropriate.
  2. The contents, format, etc., of the Data shall be determined solely by the Exchange.
  3. The Data shall be shipped only after confirmation that the necessary payment has been received
  4. The purchaser shall neither supply nor use the Data for any purpose that exceeds the range of use described in the application form.
  5. In case the purchaser's purpose is to supply the Data to a third party, the purchaser must first obtain the third party's agreement that he/she shall not re-supply it under any circumstances
  6. If TOCOM deems it necessary, TOCOM may require the purchaser to present written information or to submit to an examination to be conducted at the purchaser's premises concerning the use of the Data, in which case the purchaser agrees to cooperate in good faith
  7. TOCOM shall not be held liable in any way to compensate for any losses or damages related to the Data.
  8. The purchaser shall neither assign nor in any other way pass on the rights and obligations for the Data to a third party, and if the Data becomes no longer necessary, the purchaser shall destroy the Data to ensure that the Data is not leaked to anyone
  9. If TOCOM incurs damage due to the purchaser's violation of these Usage Regulations and requests that the purchaser thus assume liability for said damage (including, but not limited to, the legal fees and any other associated costs), the purchaser shall respond to said request quickly and in good faith
  10. The Exchange and the purchaser agree to resolve in good faith all other issues, including any items that are not covered by these Usage Regulations, and agree that the Tokyo District Court shall have jurisdiction as the court of first instance for resolving any disputes related to this matter. The Usage Regulation shall be governed and construed, and any dispute shall be resolved, in accordance with the laws of Japan

Please be advised that the procedures and other details related to this matter may change with no advance notice due to various circumstances


CASE 1: Historical Data Service
Data Period: 12 months

CASE 2: Historical Data Service
Data Period: 7 months

CASE3: Update Service
Data Period: 12 months
Update Frequency: 4 times per year at 3 month intervals.