Rules and Regulations

In connection with the products transfer from TOCOM to OSE, please go to the following JPX website for information on Gold (Standard), Gold (Mini), Gold Rolling Spot, Gold Options, Silver, Platinum (Standard), Platinum (Mini), Platinum Rolling Spot, Palladium, RSS3 Rubber, TSR20 Rubber, Corn, Soybean, and Azuki (Red Bean) . Rules (Osaka Exchange)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Business Rules of JSCC

* Articles of Incorporation
* Market Rules * Dispute Resolution Regulations
* Brokerage Rules * Clearing and Settlement Rules
- System Trading Detailed Rules - Associate Membership Detailed Rules
- Off-floor Transactions Detailed Rules - Give-up Detailed Rules
- EFP and EFS Transactions Detailed Rules - ADP Detailed Rules
- Energy Market Management Detailed Rules - Energy Market Hedge Positions Handling Procedure
- Energy Delivery Detailed Rules - Energy Declared Delivery Procedure
- Energy Final Settlement Price Determination Detailed Rules - Detailed Rules on Insider Regulations for Electricity
- Chukyo-oil Market Management Detailed Rules - Chukyo-oil Market Hedge Positions Handling Procedure
- Chukyo-oil Delivery Detailed Rules  

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